Swish Företag


In June of 2014, it was announced that the popular service to transfer money in real time from bank to bank in Sweden called Swish, will also be available to pay Company accounts. This service has been growing very fast because of its simplicity since the beginning of 2012. There was no charge for the service before, but now there is a cost of €0.10 (1.oo SEK) for each transaction.

Swish is a smartphone app and once downloaded and activated you can transfer money in real time, any time and day of the year, to another person connected to Swish. Just open the application and select the person you wish to transfer money to, from your smartphone contact list.

We expect a boom for e-shops to also use this service, as it is now available for Companies to have a Swish account. And as for the service, it will be much cheaper than any other payment method on the market.

We on ScanCyp have already started development of payment gateways for the most popular e-commerce platforms.

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SEO success story

We where given a SEO task for a big Scandinavian Company three Month ago. They had 6 keywords that was not in top 100 on google organic list. Already after only 2 Months of hard work we have managed to lift 4 out of 6 to top ten. We use the old good fashion way as always, taking no shortcuts and don’t use crap as rented links or black/grey hat.

One of the keywords is ranking No. 1 and we keep working for all keywords to be in top 5. It feels good when hard work pays off.

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We are about to marry Tradera and Magento


After many weeks of work we are at the end finishing the module that have full communicate through API between Tradera and Magento. We just have the checkout part left where we are figuring out the simples way for a customer to be able checking out and pay from our platform with our  payment gateways. This is a challenge, and that’s what we like. Challenge

I will write back when it’s solved. But I’m glad my client soon has a fully working shop on Tradera selling clients merchandise . I have a good feeling about this.

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Sphinx searches better on your website


We are now ready to provide our clients with Sphinx search engine for large blogs, e-commerce and websites. Sphinx is a external intelligent search engine that gets integrated with your website.

Some of the Key Sphinx features are:

  • high indexing and searching performance;
  • advanced indexing and querying tools (flexible and feature-rich text tokenizer, querying language, several different ranking modes, etc);
  • advanced result set post-processing (SELECT with expressions, WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY etc over text search results);
  • proven scalability up to billions of documents, terabytes of data, and thousands of queries per second;
  • easy integration with SQL and XML data sources, and SphinxAPI, SphinxQL, or SphinxSE search interfaces;
  • easy scaling with distributed searches.
  • You can read more here or contact us


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Introducing a new website to the World

Today we had the honour to start introducing a big Swedish website player to Google and other search engines. We have the trust to do both on and off page SEO. We are happy that once again we are given the confidence to prove our results. We will also hire more SEO experts to cover our needs.

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