Magento 1

Swish Handel

Swish Handel Magento 1 extension built on Swish official API with a direct connection to Swish.

  • Get payments directly in your bank account.
  • Easy and simple configuration options in Magento admin.
  • Includes tutorial to generate Swish certificates.
  • Option to refund full or partial amount for orders.


The Credisafe extension is built to check the credit worthiness of customers in real-time.

  • Gets customer credit details by SSN.
  • Creditsafe Invoice Payment method for Magento 1 checkout system.
  • You can offer Invoice purchase based on Customer credit worthiness.


Tradera extension for a direct API connection with Tradera.

  • Easlily Add/Update/Delete product listings on Tradera from Magento.
  • Option to exclude products from uploading to Tradera.
  • Show your Product Shipping price on Tradera.
  • Customer gets email with checkout link for your store.
  • Use your own checkout system for Tradera Purchase.